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Azure DevOps Server 2022 RC1 Upgrade Notes

For those of you thinking about upgrading to the latest available version of the on-premises server (RC1), I wanted to post about my experiences with an upgrade from TFS 2018. Server OS Requirements This is a big one, Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022 are the only supported OSs. If most of your user […]

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Copy files on the target server back to the Azure DevOps Agent

I was asked yesterday about copying files from a remote computer back to the computer running the Azure DevOps Agent. I’ve never had a requirement for something like this but hey, I love a challenge and it turned out to be simpler than I originally thought due to the fact that Copy-Item supports it out […]

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Using the Power Platform Build Tools w/Azure Pipelines

Build a managed solution from a git repository using an Azure Pipeline

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Visual Studio Code | Remote WSL | dockerfile

Containerized Azure Pipelines Agent using Docker with WSL2

I recently installed Windows Services for Linux V2 (WSL2) and saw a Tech Preview of Docker Desktop WSL 2 posted and was extremely excited to give it a try. If you are interested, read on. Updated 08/05/2019 – update date/time in WSL2 due to Windows 10 sleep/hibernate Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Get the latest […]

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Selenium test result with attachments

Did your application deploy successfully? Use a selenium test in your release pipeline with a Microsoft-hosted agent

UI Testing with Microsoft-hosted Agents Microsoft-hosted agents are pre-configured for UI testing and UI tests for both web apps and desktop apps. The agents are also pre-configured with popular browsers and matching web-driver versions that can be used for running Selenium tests. The browsers and corresponding web-drivers are updated on a periodic basis.  (ref.) It’s great to […]

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Azure PowerShell (Preview) version 4.* (preview)

Using the Azure PowerShell (Preview) task in an Azure Pipeline

I wanted an excuse to use the 4.* (preview) version of the task so I could take the Az module out for a spin. My goal was to perform the following steps I would normally perform with a browser and mouse in the Azure Portal: Delete Resource Group if it already exists Create Resource Group […]

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Update your Azure DevOps REST API URLs after moving your organization under

Update your URL for your organization In the settings for your organization you can update your URL from {organization} to{organization}. Of course once you do this some of the environment variables used by Build and Release will change and if you took a dependency on their format things will break. We happened to have […]

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