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Migrated my Windows Live Spaces blog to

If you have a blog on Windows Live Spaces you should have received an email about Windows Live Spaces closing.  I guess I shouldn’t be upset since I am getting more features moving to the new platform. On, you’ll get tools to help you track how your blog is doing and who’s visiting. You’ll […]

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Windows Live Sync is here

  If you remember the FolderShare service then you will really love the improvements that are in Windows Live Sync: Higher file limits—up to 20 synchronized folders (formerly known as libraries) with up to 20,000 files in each one. Integration with Windows Live ID. Integration with the Recycle Bin. Unicode support. More languages for Windows […]

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Live Mesh has been updated!

  I think the best change in this release is that UAC is no longer a requirement to run it.  I have been using Mesh for quite a long time now and I must say “It Rocks”.  I have the ability to share folders across many PCs and they stay in sync, I can remotely […]

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