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Oracle Text 10g Issue

We recently deployed an application which leveraged Oracle Text to a UAT environment and when it was moved to the production environment all our searches failed. After checking the index errors table CTX_INDEX_ERRORS,  which is owned by the user CTXSYS, and most users do NOT have SELECT privilege to it by default. The following errors […]

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Oracle 11g R1 x64 on Vista

I installed the latest version of Oracle 11g R1 from their download site.  The only issue I have experienced after the installation was done is that "nmefwmi.exe" crashes.  This process is linked to the OracleDBConsole service. The only way I have gotten around this error is to stop the OracleDBConsole service.  The database itself is […]

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Oracle 8i and 11g export compatibility

I couldn’t wait for the x64 version of Oracle 11g for Vista so I downloaded and installed the x32 version and installed it under Vista x64.  The install went perfectly and the management web site worked flawlessly, I don’t have a metalink account so I couldn’t configure that portion of the install. I had a […]

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