How does the VMPrep Tool Apply Patches


The VMPrep Tool for Visual Studio Lab Management 2010 is located on the MSDN Archive.

Assuming your file-share is \\LabMgr, your layout should be as below

All patches which need to be applied should be present in a folder. This folder should be indicated in the Applications.xml file (found inside VMPrepToolLibrary), in the following parameter: <Application name ="PatchesPath" path ="" />. The VMPrep Tool will pick up any executables that are found in this folder (it does not search under sub-folders) and install them.

If you are running the tool in Self Service Command-line mode you can specify the UNC paths as follows:

VMPrepTool.exe SelfService  /AgentInstaller:\\LabMgr\AgentInstaller  /TFSInstaller:\\LabMgr\TfsInstaller /PatchInstaller:\\LabMgr\PatchInstaller

The VMPrep Tool looks for KBxxxxxxx in the file name, and then orders the execution of these in the order of the KB numbers.  The easiest way would be to rename the files as follows:

  • TFS2010SP1.exe to KB2182621.exe
  • VS2010SP1.exe to KB2983509.exe
  • TFS2010SP1CU1.exe to KB2983510.exe

And then these files will be installed in the correct order as part of VMPrep Tool process.

Credit and Thanks to the Microsoft Product Group for explaining the behaviour and Ed Blankenship for asking the question.

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