Team Explorer 2008 Forward Compatibility Update for Team Foundation Server 2010

This is an update for the 2008 SP1 version of Visual Studio Team System Team Explorer and allows the 2008 SP1 version to work with the Team Foundation Server 2010. The update will allow teams to move forward and use the Team Foundation Server 2010 server even if part of the team continues to use the Team Explorer 2008 SP1 client.

Download at source.

Visual Studio 2008 SP1 is a required prerequisite to install this update.

UPDATE:  It is important that if you install Team Explorer 2008 after Visual Studio 2008 you must reapply SP1 before you install the Compatibility Update.

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3 Responses to “Team Explorer 2008 Forward Compatibility Update for Team Foundation Server 2010”

  1. I can’t find any information on whether these Team Explorer 2008 users must have 2010 CALs or whether their 2008 CALs are sufficient. Any ideas?


    • You must have a 2010 CAL to access a TFS 2010 Server. If the users each have one of the following MSDN subscriptions they might already be covered with the proper CAL:

      Visual Studio 2010 Professional, Premium, Ultimate, and Test Professional.

      If the users do not have one of the above MSDN subscriptions then they will each require a TFS 2010 CAL. If you’ve bought TFS 2010 ($750) then it comes with 5 CALs, if you require more than 5 more CALs they can be purchased for $750/CAL.

      NOTE: Please contact your Microsoft Software Vendor for exact pricing.

      Hope that helps.
      Here is the link to the latest Visual Studio 2010 Licensing White Paper:


  2. you folks have created a GD mess out of this process!

    spent the last 2 hours doing this:

    somebody in VS2008 setup should be smacked in the back of the head for this kind of mess!



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