Inserting Flash and Media Files using Telerik RadEditor for MOSS


This only works for Web Parts and WCM (Publishing) scenarios, you cannot enter media or flash files for Lists, Wikis, or Blogs.  Here is the link to the Telerik RadControls help on the subject.

Telerik RadEditor for MOSS

You can see in the beginning of toolbar two additional buttons displayed, these are added to the Telerik RadEditor Toolbar by editing the ToolsFile.xml located in the following directory:

%CommonProgramFiles%\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\wpresources\RadEditorSharePoint\\Resources\

Note: Your RadEditor version number might be different than that of mine displayed above

Add the following lines to the XML

<tool name="FlashManager" />
<tool name="MediaManager" />


Because we are doing this for a Publishing Site we also have to set the AllowSpecialTags attribute to true for the telerik:RadHtmlField element using SharePoint Designer 2007 in our Layout.aspx file.

SharePoint 2007 Designer editing page layout

If you haven’t added the Telerik RadEditor into MOSS 2007 yet, the instructions for that procedure are here.  You should now be able to insert some flash into a page of your Publishing Site.

Flash clip rendered properly by MOSS Publishing Site

You can also use the Telerik RadEditor for a WSS v3 deployment but has some limitations attached to it.

You can purchase the RadEditor from Telerik on their website.  Telerik also provides a FREE Lite MOSS Edition called RadEditor Lite.  You can see a comparison of both versions here.

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