Visual Studio 2008 Extensions for WSS Version 1.2/VSeWSS v1.2

Tools for developing custom SharePoint applications: Visual Studio project templates for Web Parts, site definitions, and list definitions; and a stand-alone utility program, the SharePoint Solution Generator.

Download the User Guide and Samples listed here:

The User Guide for this tool can be found here: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Tools: Visual Studio 2005 Extensions User Guide, Version 1.1

The 1.1 version can be found here for Visual Studio 2005 support: Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Tools: Visual Studio 2005 Extensions, Version 1.1

You can also find the Hands on Labs for Developing Applications on Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

This add-in will not install on an x64 based computer (unbelievable I know), though you might find the How to install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 SP1 on Vista interesting.

About Wes MacDonald

Wes MacDonald is a DevOps Consultant for LIKE 10 INC., a DevOps consulting firm providing premium support, guidance and services for Azure, Microsoft 365 and Azure DevOps.

2 Responses to “Visual Studio 2008 Extensions for WSS Version 1.2/VSeWSS v1.2”

  1. I noticed your post about VSeWSS 1.2 not running on a 64bit operating system. I too, was disappointed that the extensions would install on 64 bot os, so I wrote up a blog post on how to enable these extensions to install on a 64 bit OS\’s. Please check it out at
    While this isnt supported it atleast start to lets us running 64Bit OS\’s to use VS2008 to write webparts, etc.
    Let me know what you think


  2. That\’s a great post John, but actually I have been using STSDev for my SharePoint Development.  Gives you a lot more control over the deployment and configuration of the .wsp files.


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