ReSharper 4.0 beta for Visual Studio 2008 is now available for a test drive


ReSharper 4 Full Edition and C# Edition provide comprehensive support for C# 3.0, including LINQ, implicitly typed locals and arrays, extension methods, automatic properties, lambda expressions, object and collection initializers, anonymous types, expression trees, and partial methods.

In addition to enhanced productivity features, ReSharper 4.0 beta offers several new features for C# 3.0 including:


  • New code analysis, context actions and quick-fixes;
  • Code Cleanup;
  • ASP.NET Speedup;
  • New refactorings (such as Convert to Extension Method, Convert to Automatic Property, Convert Anonymous Type to Named);
  • Updated IntelliSense.

You can download it here and also get more info on the new features that are in the 4.0 beta.

About wesmacdonald

Wes MacDonald is a Visual Studio ALM MVP, PSD, MCT and a Principal Consultant for LIKE 10 INC., a SharePoint Server, Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server Consulting Firm providing premium support and guidance services.

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