4GB SD cards and ReadyBoost

So this time I decided to get serious with ReadyBoost on Vista.  I went out and purchased a 8GB SD card not knowing that SDHC is a format not supported by any of my laptops….luckily I checked before opening the package and returned it.  In its place I got two 4GB SD cards….what a circus that was trying to get my laptops to see it properly.

I thought since my 1 GB SD card worked I would just slap in the 4 GB SD card and be on my merry way, was I ever naive to think that.  The 4GB cards did not work in any of my laptops….

As it turned out a small registry change was required so the card would become visible and obviously use the latest version of the TI Card Media Driver for my HP Laptops, I had to change the hex value of SDParam from 10 to 1 and then reboot.

The key I changed is located here:


Here is the article I found that had the solution.


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