Keep tabs on your site errors

Putting up a site on a remote server and placing your errors in the event log won’t do you much good so I opted to place some code in Global.asax Application_Error() to email me if something went horribly wrong. 
Here is what it looks like:
void Application_Error(Object sender, EventArgs e) {
        Exception ex = Server.GetLastError().GetBaseException();
        string err = "MESSAGE: " + ex.Message +
    "\nSOURCE: " + ex.Source +
    "\nFORM: " + Request.Form.ToString() +
    "\nQUERYSTRING: " + Request.QueryString.ToString() +
    "\nTARGETSITE: " + ex.TargetSite +
    "\nSTACKTRACE: " + ex.StackTrace;
        try {
            System.Net.Mail.MailMessage msg = new System.Net.Mail.MailMessage("www AT", "wes AT", "Web Application Error", err);
            System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient smtp = new System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient();
        catch (Exception exMail) {

About Wes MacDonald

Wes MacDonald is a DevOps Consultant for LIKE 10 INC., a DevOps consulting firm providing premium support, guidance and services for Azure, Microsoft 365 and Azure DevOps.

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